Lions and Tigers and Bears

Perhaps it is my Scorpio Sun Sign, but I am drawn to symbolism like a vampire to a silky smooth neck.  We Scorpios love to interpret symbols and untangle a good mystery.  For example, I am looking back over my first two sentences here and noticing all the “s” words (like a snake hissing, and snakes are a Scorpio symbol).  And don’t even get me started on the vampire symbol. . . . blood and death and regeneration.  Doesn’t get more Scorpio than that.

One of my favorite symbolic languages–other than the obvious one of astrology– is that of animal totems.  Many cultures look to nature for messages, and if we can learn the “dictionary” of animal symbols, we too can receive these messages.

Now, first let me state that I don’t necessarily believe in “signs” or “omens” the way you might think.  I believe too strongly in free will to think that there are set-in-stone meanings.  Rather, I believe that one should pay attention to the symbol that appears, and then ask what that symbol means for oneself.

Here are two examples of animals and their symbolic meanings:

Squirrel:  Are you planning and preparing properly?  Are you too busy or not busy enough?  Are you balanced in gathering and giving?

Snake:  Are there areas of your life that require transformation?  Are youpaying attention and being discriminating in what’s going on around you?

Just for today, why not be open to the messengers that appear to you?  Observe, research, and reflect.  Just by the very act of wondering, you will be inviting new possibilities into your world.

5 responses

  1. It seems to me that the idea of signs runs counter to free will. Afterall, don’t signs give direction? I’m not trying to be a mr smarty-pants, I’m just a fate kind of guy trying to goad you into a long discussion.

    • Hey, Roy, goad away! I want this blog to be an online salon where we can freely and respectfully discuss ideas!

      And I think the distinction lies in one’s interpretation of the sign. Each symbol has a variety of meanings. How you choose and apply the particular meaning is up to you, and where the free will comes in.


  2. For the symbols to be truly aspects of free will they would have to have an infinite number of meanings. A variety denotes a limited number, or a list. Selecting from a list isn’t really free will. It’s guided will. Guided will can also be called fate.

    • Hey Roy,

      An interestinng point! Perhaps free will and fate are really walking hand in hand. For me, I believe that we come into this world with certain lessons, strengths, and challenges. And then, what we do with them is up to us.


  3. I like that. There are definitely times where fate and free will are working together.
    Drat! We’ve found a common ground too soon. Think up something else we can discuss. Or if someone else has an idea on the subject feel free to change our minds to your way of thinking.

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