How Do You Define You?

I’m hoping that readers can tell by now that I really like anything that makes you THINK.  There is a great little website that will surely do it for you, but I warn you!  You might find yourself thinking about this all day! is a place to share your six-word memoir.  Yes, only six words to sum up your life.

How would you define yourself?  By what you do for a living?  By your ideals?  When you only get six words, you really must put your life into sharp focus.

For me, I will sum up myself this way:  Finding joy in aiming for wisdom.  Or maybe this:  Writer, coach, mama; lather, rinse, repeat.  Or maybe . . . .  Hmmm.  This is addictive.

How about YOU?

8 responses

  1. After journalling on a vacation to Costa Rica with only 6 word phrases I find now that when I need to feel centered and have some deep thoughts that only 6 word phrases will do. It has such a calming rhythm.

    Keeping happiness at my heart’s core.

    Drawing strength from nature’s glorious gifts.

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