So What’s a Venus Transit?

You may have noticed news stories about the upcoming Venus Transit of the Sun this week.  The event is newsworthy because the last time Venus traveled across the face of the sun was 243 years ago.  And it won’t happen again until December of 2117.  So we have a unique opportunity!  Locally, we should be able to witness the transit on Tuesday evening.

(To be accurate, Venus Transits actually occur in pairs.  The first of this set was eight years ago.  The next set will be 2117 and 2125.)

As seen from Earth, Venus has a pattern that lasts 584 days.  For the first 263 days, she is visible as the Evening Star.  Then she disappears for 8 days.  Venus is visible again, now as the Morning Star, for another 263 days, before disappearing once more for 50 days.  Because of this cycle, the ancients bestowed several symbolic meanings on Venus.  She was the goddess of love and relationships, but also sometimes a sign of war.  (I’ll let you ponder on that one.)  They interpreted her disappearances as her time in the underworld.

So what does all this mean for us now?  Well, as always, perception is reality, so you can give this Transit lots of meaning, or none at all.  However, if you are interested in symbolic thought, you would want to consider these things.

In astrology, Venus represents love, relationships, harmony, and balance.  Right now, Venus is retrograde for us Earthlings (that is, appears to be going backwards).  During a retrograde, one would review and reflect on the symbolism, rather than act on it.  So right now, are you where you need and want to be in your relationships?  Are your desires in harmony with your values?  Are your relationships authentic?

A transit symbolizes new beginnings.  Since Venus is transiting the Sun, which represents the masculine, it is a perfect time to analyze the male-female relationships in our lives.  (Note: these can be any significant male-female relationships, not just romantic ones.)  Take stock, review, and decide the best path of balance.

No matter your view of astrological symbolism, enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event!

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