Friday Fun Stuff. . . on Wednesday!

Get out your pencils, Warriors!  Time to write and sharpen up your imagination!  Your assignment is to complete the first paragraph of a story (3 or 4 sentences), starting with this line:

Mary Margaret O’Hara had ice water in her veins.

Happy thinking and writing!


9 responses

  1. Mary Margaret O’Hara had ice water in her veins. That ice water poured out of her eyes in the form of a death stare, which she almost joyfully presented to the two teenagers beside her. It wasn’t often that her skills were tested as brutally as they had been that night, but she was confident in her ability. Nobody could best her at bird calls.

      • Aimee, thank you for starting your blog. It gives me an outlet I can’t get anywhere else. I can be serious or goofy here. The “rules” you impose in the posts confine my replies into a structured box, which, to me, is an excellent brain exercise. I look forward to every one of your posts, no matter the content. I hope you don’t mind that I post so often, I have fun here.

  2. Mary Margaret O’Hara had ice water in her veins.
    Her son, Declan, had just returned home from the city for the Thanksgiving Holiday. Unbeknownst to Mary, Declan has invited his significant other to the traditional O’Hara family dinner. They walk into the kitchen.
    “Mother, I’d like you to meet Vincenzo, my boyfriend.”

  3. Mary Margaret O’Hara had ice water in her veins. “Damn, this is going to make me late for the movie.” she thought as she adjusted her stance. The three men who had walked up behind her as she was withdrawing money from the ATM were blocking her way back to her car. Thirteen years of martial arts training from her father and ten years as a marine were about to come raining down on these would-be thieves like Noah’s Flood.

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