Sports: My Greatest Teacher

This past weekend, I traveled to a competition with the women’s dragon boat team that I coach.  For this particular race, I got to participate not only as a coach but also as an athlete.  For various reasons, I have not been able to paddle much myself over the past few years, so this event represented more than one challenge for me.

In a previous post, I wrote about my belief that our Higher Selves choose lessons for us to learn in each particular lifetime.  I believe that my Higher Self nudged me towards sports and fitness as the best “university” for me to learn my particular lessons.  I’ve played sports and competed since I was twelve years old, and for better or worse, I’ve become the person I am because of it.

For example, this weekend I was practically bombarded with life lessons.  In a forty-eight hour period, I had an opportunity to learn about

  • being both a leader of a group and a part of that group,
  • pulling on my “big girl panties” when it was race time even if I wasn’t feeling particularly fierce at that moment,
  • graciously accepting the support and love of my teammates instead of thinking that it’s weak to do so, and
  • finding the best in each person in the group and fostering that quality.

There were so many more little moments of learning and understanding.  This weekend was a symbol for all the lessons I’ve had in a lifetime of sports.

What about you?  What’s your “university” for life lessons?  Share your “alma mater” here!

2 responses

  1. My first “University” was school. It taught me that I didn’t want any part of it. Because I learned my lessons so well there, I was able to graduate and get my Masters at the University of Carpentry. I learned a lot of life lessons there, including, but not limited to, math, social skills, the importance of teamwork, anticipating the next move of a coworker or partner, getting screwed over by the boss and swearing.
    Although I have burned out on carpentry, the lessons I learned during my time studying it have made me a valuable asset to every other employer I’ve had. I’ve even found correlations between carpentry and field geology. (yes, I did go to back to school for a bit). I use the non-carpentry lessons I learned as a carpenter every day.

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