Write Your Astrological Love Story!

Earlier this week, Venus turned direct.  In astronomy and astrology, we say that a planet  is retrograde when its movement appears backwards to us from our vantage point here on Earth; going direct, then, means that it looks as if that planet is moving forward in its orbit again.  Symbolically, a retrograde period is a time to reflect, review, and reassess.  When the planet goes direct again, it is time to put our revised plans into action.

Venus is in the sign of Gemini now. Venus, of course, represents love and relationships; Gemini represents communication, learning, multi-tasking, and other intellectual pursuits.  So, if we wanted to interpret Venus and her recent retrograde/direct movements in Gemini, we would say that we have just left a period of reflection on our relationships and are now entering a time to make adjustments.  Have we communicated clearly and honestly in our relationships?  Have we used our words for good in our relationships, or have we used them to manipulate?  Are we trying to take on too much and keeping too busy?

For today’s Friday Fun stuff, then, try writing a story or memoir of no more than 25 words using the words love, reflect (or reflection), and talk.

Happy Writing!

2 responses

  1. Upon reflection, Dave realized that, although he and Dayna could talk to each other about anything, “Monday” strengthened their love in ways words never could.

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