If it’s Friday, it must be creativity time!  Ready to think?

For today’s Friday Fun Stuff, I’m going to give you a scene “in media res.”  You’ll be right in the middle of the action!  Your mission, then, is to choose one of the two characters and write his or her backstory.  What events led up to this scene?  What made your character the person he/she is below, and how did he/she get there?  Create a mini-biography for your character in a paragraph or two.

(For the record, this is a creative exercise I like to do all the time.  You know how you might see an intriguing photograph, or walk past a couple having an argument, or hear a snippet of a conversation?  I try to imagine all the different scenarios that might have led up to the scene I stumbled upon.  To be honest, it has really helped me be less “snap judgmental,” a trait that I find less than attractive in myself!)

So, here is your scene.  Read, and then get creative!

A woman in her mid-twenties walks quickly on a gravel path through a suburban park, clutching her car key in her fist.  It is twilight, and she appears to be alone on the path.  She looks left, looks right, scanning constantly.  She has not, however, looked up, and suddenly a man, dressed in dark clothes, leaps from a tree just as she walks underneath.  He lands on her back and pulls her to the ground.  The fight begins.  At first, the assailant has the upper hand, and he rains blows down on the woman.  But she is able to regroup and begins to fight back.  The two are engaged in a skillful battle, and it seems that they are evenly matched.  Panting, the man tells the woman, “You’ll never succeed,” his voice a hoarse growl as if he’d been chewing glass.  At this pronouncement, the woman grabs the man’s head and pulls it down with both hands as she drives her knee up into his face.  He falls to the ground.  She looks down at him and gives him a kick to the ribs.  She smooths her hair back into place as she walks away.

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