Pick Things Up and Put Them Down

Did you know that . . .

1.  If you don’t strength train, you will lose an average of 5 pounds of muscle tissue (called disuse atrophy) per decade?

2.  You can increase muscle mass by 2-4 pounds and increase muscular strength by 40-60% after only 8-12 weeks of strength training?

3.  Loss of muscle tissue results in a decrease in your resting metabolic rate (the number of calories expended at rest)?

4.  The slowing of metabolic rate is associated with an increase in body fat?

5.  Strength training raises your resting metabolic rate by 7-8% after only a few weeks?

So even if you did strength training just twice a week, you would burn an average of 120 more calories AT REST (this is on top of whatever you earned from the workout) than a non-strength training person.  Even if you did nothing else, that would result in an average weight loss of 1 pound in a month.

Now get to it!

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    • Good question! It doesn’t need to be very long at all! For general health and fitness purposes, you could strength train twice a week, doing 6 or 8 exercises, with 2-4 sets and 12-16 reps for best effects. But even one set will produce change. Keep the rest period between sets shorter (about a minute). And use a weight that feels like a 60-70% intensity. When you can comfortably complete the 16 reps at a certain weight, you can go up in weight by about 5%. This kind of workout would be really useful for dragon boaters too. . . . just sayin’. 🙂

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