What’s in a Name?

First, if you haven’t contributed already, please go to The Wisdom List and add your two cents!

Okay, so for today’s Friday Fun, I went to http://www.behindthename.com.  This website has an extensive list of names and meanings (perfect for writers looking to name characters).  I used their Random Name Generator to come up with a man’s name; your mission today is to create a brief description of a man named Harmon Petru Bai.  Limit yourself to three sentences at the most, and give whatever detail comes to mind when you hear Harmon Petru Bai.

Happy creating!

2 responses

  1. The son of a Viet Namese farmer and a Laosian midwife, Harmon Petru Bai grew up unloved and unwanted in a small village on the border between the two countries. His age is unknown but he thinks he’s around 16. He makes his living by buying and selling things on eBay.

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