Spider Wisdom

My house is full of spiders.  In general, I really really really do not like bugs, insects, and  things with many legs in my house.  I am all for them staying outside.  There was one particular spider that had taken up residence behind my stove, and every morning I saw a new web spun across the back burner.  I was determined to squish that spider, but she always escaped me.  So, partly out of respect for her squish-dodging skills and partly out of a desire to walk my talk, I looked up Spider and tried to learn from it.

Wouldn’t you know it, turns out spiders are the guardians of ancient languages and alphabets.  Perfect symbols for aspiring writers like me.  So that’ll teach me to try to squish a Messenger of Wisdom. . . .

Anyway, now I have something else to add to The Wisdom List:  Take the time to learn before trying to squish something.

Entries for The Wisdom List accepted until August 31st!  Best entry wins a groovy prize!

5 responses

  1. I’m a catch-n-release gal…always have a plastic cup handy – you can usually just put it on top of even the speediest spiders, then just slip a piece of paper or an envelope underneath the cup to create a floor, and you can easily pick Charlotte up and take her outside to freedom.

    • Jen, it was a Three Stooges episode waiting to happen! Charlotte was living behind the stove, next to the toaster. I could always see a leg or two peeking out, but not much more. Every time I would move the toaster to get a better shot at her (cup in hand), she would dart back behind the stove. I even moved the toaster to another counter entirely, but she cottoned on to me and never peeked out again. Sigh. . . .

      • Well, there’s your answer. You have to get a pig and threaten to slaughter it. When the spider comes to its rescue, catch her and take her outside.

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