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  1. But tricky as it might be, it was still Stella’s best shot at a successful outcome. She had come at the problem from several different directions over the past month or so and decided this idea was best. So, now, when she shuts off her alarm tomorrow morning, she will cause a string to be pulled which will lift a flap that releases a steel ball, which flips out the window and into the gutter and down the downspout. As it exits the downspout, it hits a ruler which then swings over to light a match which burns the string that holds the arrow that swings down and rings the doorbell. When mom answers the door, she knocks over a bowling pin. The bowling pin rolls against the wall, preventing the mouse from leaving its hole. The mouse uses the back door to exit and brushes against a domino which falls, knocking over several others which, in turn cause another steel ball to roll down a track and into the kitchen where it bumps into a hook that, when bumped, releases a spring. At the other end of the spring is a dart, which flies up and pops a balloon. The noise scares the cat which then runs up the stairs and into Stella’s bedroom. Problem solved.

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