The Wisdom List Winner!

A few weeks ago, I asked for your contributions to an idea I had –The Wisdom List.  Since this blog is dedicated to learning the lessons along one’s life path, it made sense to collect some of our experiences and then share them here, my online salon for the polite exchange of ideas.

There were some great comments on this post–go back and look now if you want!  I am hoping that this column continues to generate comments as time goes by, but I did promise that I would pick a winner in September.  And soooooo………

I choose the comment submitted by Rachel:

When you feel paralyzed and buried by life, take a deep breath and one tiny step forward–each tiny step forward will build on the previous and before you know it you have forward momentum.

For me, this philosophy sums up the whole point of life, in a way.  It’s not too bold to say that this one statement could apply to just about everything.  Feeling stuck? Keep moving!  Had a bad experience?  Keep moving!  Got a lot to offer?  Keep moving!

It’s the Circle of Life, it’s the ongoing Lessons of Your Path, it’s just the way it is.  So thank you, Rachel, for your submission, and please look for an original “aim4wisdom” prize coming your way!

Keep moving, everyone!

2 responses

  1. Thanks Aimee, I am humbled by the selection. I will say that from personal experience it makes a huge difference having loving friends there to celebrate those tiny steps and you were that amazing friend for me during one of the darkest most paralyzing times of my life. It would have taken me a lot longer to build momentum without you. I am blessed to have you in my life.

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