You Talkin’ to Me?

On September 17th, the planet Mercury moves into Libra for a couple of weeks.  If you recall your mythology, Mercury was the messenger of the gods; he is usually represented with winged feet.  In astrology, then, he represents communication.  How do we communicate with others?  With ourselves?  How do we perceive, reason, and make sense of the world?

Mercury is one of the faster moving planets in the sky, and so it doesn’t stay in any one sign for very long–generally two or three weeks each.  So that means in a one-year period, we here on Earth will experience twelve different communication styles.  (If you are thinking that my math doesn’t add up, you will need to figure in the Mercury Retrograde periods.  When Mercury is retrograde, it can stay in one sign for up to ten weeks.)

So, this messenger planet goes through twelve  different styles of communication each year. Plus we each have our own natal Mercury sign (where Mercury was at the moment of our birth).   Hmmmm. . . .  Perhaps this explains why we humans have such a difficult time getting along!

One simple way to help us all communicate better is to think of the four Element categories of the signs.  This way, we only need to remember four main styles of communication, rather than twelve individual ones.  Here are the Element categories and their signs:

FIRE–Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

EARTH–Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

AIR–Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

WATER–Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Fire signs emphasize action, intensity, and identity  Earth signs focus on stability, practicality, and sensory input.  Air signs are intellectual, logical, and social.  Water signs operate in emotions, spirituality, and transformation.

As someone with prominently placed Mercury in her chart, I am fascinated by communication and am always thinking of ways to make it better.  When I listen to or read others, I try to determine their bias–does the speaker have a Fire, Earth, Air, or Water Mercury sign?  That way, I can be more objective in my listening and stand a better chance of understanding and being understood.  Next time you interact with others–whether it’s a big presentation at work or just chatting with your buds–think about the different astrological “languages” and how they shape your communication.

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  1. or you could be born under merc. retro which makes you more internal 80% of the time… i thrive in those retrograde periods – i’m the most creative, expressive, and artistic, and i’m awkward and almost anti-social most of the other time.

    • Hey Audrey, excellent point about Mercury Retrograde. Individuals born under a Mercury Retrograde can indeed feel more “inward” than others. And big props to you for recognizing that about yourself! By the way, you must have created your blog during a Retrograde period–it is absolutely lovely! Any readers here who love food and photography ought to stop by

      • oh sweet girl, that is so kind of you!! i’ll have to go back and look, now that i know haha. last MR, i was SUPER creative, and revamped the blog, giving it more of a cohesive feel. thank you for taking time to look and for the follow!! i’m feeling more and more interested in astrology, what with all the change i’m feeling – and not just in my personal life, you dig?! 🙂

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