Fairy Tale Friday Fun


Who couldn’t use a little fantasy in his/her life?  For today’s creative writing prompt, write the first paragraph of a fairy tale.  Here are the rules:  Begin your paragraph with “Once upon a time,” mention at least one character (human or otherwise), and describe your setting.

Happy fantastical writing!


9 responses

  1. Once upon a time, an otherwise normal stable-boy in the service of the king’s knights had fantastic feet more than twice as long as other kids his age. When Haggy was ten, his mother spent her hard-earned wages on a pair of custom-made, size-20 shoes from the village cobbler. Those prodigious pads were hard to hide. HIs elephantine extremities would stick out, tripping Haggy and anyone else who came along. Finally the miserable lad couldn’t stand it anymore. After a long day mucking out manure, he ventured beyond the walls of Stoneyfield Castle in search of a cure from a mysterious sorcerer. Haggy was desperate to shrink his terrible tootsies.

  2. Once upon a time there was a farmer called Herdsman Holly. Herdsman Holly was looking to buy some hefty holstein heifers. She heard that over the hill a farm owned by Hurry-up Harold and Handsome Harry had some holstein heifers, but Herdsman Holly was wondering if they were hefty enough for her. So, Herdsman Holly hiked her way over the huge hill to Hurry-up Harold and Handsome Harry’s farm. Without hesitation, Herdsman Holly did notice that Hurry-up Harold was a little hectic and Handsome Harry was very handsome. Herdsman Holly hopped over the fence to see up close the holstein heifers. It was everything she had hoped for, the heifers were hefty and also healthy. Herdsman Holly did no horsing around and said she will buy them for one hundred dollors each, Hurry-up Harold and Handsome Harry were very happy with the offer. As Herdsman Holly and the hefty holstein heifers hiked up the huge hill, she could see in the horizon Hurry-up Harold and Handsome Harry waving good-by. Herdsman Holly thought how it was an honor to know Hurry-up Haroid and Handsome Harry. And everyone lived happily ever after.

    About 6 to 8 years ago I was milking cows on my families farm with a high school boy named Chris and we came up with this little story.

  3. Once upon a time, in the land of Draen, there lived a beautiful Gnome princess by the name of Gwendolyn. Princess Gwendolyn was the pride of Draen because, not only was she beautiful, she was very tall, too. Taller than most of the male Gnomes in all of the lands she had visited…even in the far North country of Skekku, and that’s saying something.

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