I’m No Physicist, But I Know This. . .

As someone who greatly values learning, I have learned one lesson very well, and that is that there is a LOT to learn out there.  Luckily, I really like learning and reading and studying, and I love finding all the connections between philosophies.  For me, it’s kind of reassuring to see the common themes threaded throughout the various schools of thought.  Lets you know you’re on the right track, you know?

One of those commonalities is this: the only constant is change.  Now, most people I  know–me included–do not like change.  Change means going into the unknown, feeling unprepared and unarmed.  But I have found that if you at least try to embrace change, you can use it to your advantage.

With sincerest apologies to Sir Isaac Newton, I refer to the concept of “movement begets movement.”  Oftentimes, when things get overwhelming in our lives, we feel stuck and heavy.  I believe that these times of stuckness are signals that change is needed.  I picture it like this:  we’ve been doing our same old same old, and the Universe sends us messages that get increasing bigger and bigger.  Maybe the first few messages are small–you get a traffic ticket, you turn in a work project late, you quarrel with your BFF.  Then, if you continue your same old same old, the messages get bigger and bigger–your car dies, you get fired, you get dumped.

So now, the Universe is shaking you by the shoulders, saying, “Hey pal, you listening??  Ball’s in your court.  Whatcha gonna do?”

This is the critical point.

When I find myself there, I know that the cosmic Laurence Fishburn is offering me the blue pill or the red pill (apologies now to the Wachowski siblings).  What AM I going to do?

Here’s where I remember that change is the only constant and that movement begets movement.  OK, so things are piling up in my life and I know that change is going to happen whether I like it or not.  Therefore, why not go with it and head into the unknown on my own terms?  I know that ANY change that I make from my same old same old will result in transformation.

I think the changes can be small–take a different route to work, read a book instead of watch TV, take the green travel mug instead of the blue one, anything that represents a break from your old routine.  Since movement begets movement, just doing SOMETHING new will create a domino effect and start a new path.

Now, maybe that new path isn’t going to the best one either.  But at least YOU have taken control of the overwhelmingness and embraced change.  You’ve recognized the need to transform, and you are willing to do it.

How do you tackle the overwhelming times in your life?  What has worked for you?  Share your ideas here!



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  1. Well, this one was for me, Aimee. So two years ago I had a big loss in my life and was above my head in being overwhelmed. It also was a sudden death which meant instant change. My family was great, friends were there, people I did not even know contacted me and my faith pulled me through. When the sudden change is acute, people are there or more available. It is the change that happens a few weeks later, six months later and two years later that also can be difficult. I decided to have a three year plan to deal with the grief, loss and the pain with change. With the first year, I went face to face with the grief. I did not watch tv, listen to music that nurtured me, wrote every night, went to Grief Share and did counseling. It was painful, but a beautiful experience. The second year was for me to get out, like paddle, take a class which I hope to finish, and learn to let go. I believe in any big change or overwhelming time in life, there is loss and grief connected. Therefore, you have to do things in your own timing; it is best not to rush but not be stuck; there is no wrong. At times I can hardly bring myself to do some things that I have or put an emotional connection with it, but after it is done it is rewarding. Some people like to just do change without thinking through all the outcomes. Movement does begets movement; this is just a small fragment of everything and hope it is what you were looking for.

    • Susan, very sorry to hear all that you went through with your loss, but it sounds like you did some very good and very hard work. What a wonderful attitude you have about it. You are right that everyone needs to do “change” in his/her own time AND that you don’t want to rush or be stuck either. Thank you for sharing this, Susan!

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