Dear Friday Fun . . .

For today’s Friday Fun writing challenge, pretend you are cleaning out the attic and you discover a box labelled “Grandma’s Things.”  You open the box and find a stack of letters on top.  You choose one of the letters.  Write the letter here!


3 responses

  1. My dear grandchild,
    I am thrilled to bits that you inherited my curiosity/nosey/inquisitive gene! You must be be cleaning out my things and now you are reading this stack of letters.
    I placed this letter right on top, so you could read me first!
    I wish I could of met you, spoil you, see you graduate kindergarten. Are you a boy? A girl? Do you love to read? I have so many unanswered questions, but know this my grandchild – I love you to the ends of the earth!
    When your mommy, my daughter, told me she was pregnant with you – I was thrilled.
    I could not wait to hold you – to kiss you – to rock you to sleep. But, as you know, I was very sick and, well, you know the rest.
    So – I wrote this letter to let you know you know – I love you and I am always with you.
    Be kind to others.
    Say please and thank you.
    Be kind to animals.
    Listen to your elders.
    Eat your vegetables.
    Have one apple a day.
    Respect your teachers.
    Always give it your all
    Follow your dreams
    Give back
    Do not litter

    Now – if you thumb though this pile of letters – find the one marked “cookie.”
    In that envelope is my famous chocolate chip cookie recipe and a crisp $20 Go get what you need and whip up a batch of Grandma’s cookies.
    Take them over to the Senior Center and share them with everyone. Listen to them – spend some time with them. They will teach you about life, love, loss, war, peace.
    Now scoot – they are waiting for you!
    Love, Grandmama.

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