Friday Fun with Plots

For today’s creative writing exercise, describe the plot of your Western novel in no more than 3 sentences.  You must use the words ranchstranger, and sunset in your plot synopsis.  Giddyup and git to writin’!


8 responses

  1. A tall, dark, stranger rode into the ranch at sunset; he was dirty and tired, wielding a shotgun in his right hand. Emily squinted to get a clearer look at the man, as she thought to herself, “is this just a wandering cowboy or trouble in the works?” Either way, she knew her summer was about to get a little more interesting.

  2. I owned a ranch once and it was called Lonely Stranger. It was located in the part of Nebraska where the sunsets were brilliant. We had a very long day, the sunset’s glorious glow was our salvation to bring the rest of the cattle home.

  3. Cattle rancher Clyde Doeherrmann had always been a suspicious person. When he saw the stranger with a shotgun across his knees and an iron club strapped to the side of his horse ride onto his ranch right at sunset, he expected trouble. When the stranger spoke, Clyde knew his suspicions were right again…”You see any zombies around here?”…

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