Flower Essences

One of the less well-known complementary health modalities is Flower Essence therapy.  It is, however, one of my favorites because it addresses the spiritual-emotional-mental-whatever-you-want-to-call-it aspect of health.

In traditional Western medicine, the emphasis is on fixing the physical symptoms of what ails us.  I think that there are underlying and intangible circumstances which are connected to the physical illness, though.  Flower Essences are one way to help these circumstances.  According to the Flower Essence Society (www.flowersociety.org) the flower essences help in this way:  The remedies are designed to help transform emotions, attitudes or patterns of behavior which hinder our full development or potential.  Flower essence therapy is based on the insight that the human being is a microcosm profoundly related to the macrocosm of Nature.  The archetypes which are found in the human psyche have their healing correlation to plant archetypes which are living in Nature.

Here are a few examples of some flowers and the inner dilemmas they can help change:

  • BUTTERCUP can address feelings of low self-worth and encourage one to acknowledge one’s uniqueness.
  • CHRYSANTHEMUM can help transform fears of aging and mid-life crisis issues.
  • VIOLET can assist with fears of groups and profound shyness.

There are, of course, guidelines when using flower essences.  Consider finding a practitioner to steer you in the right direction.  The Flower Essence Society website and the Bach Flower Remedy website (www.bachflower.com) also provide a lot of useful information.


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