Welcome Winter

I’ve really been enjoying this photography blog, so I wanted to share today’s post from SethSnap with you. Happy Winter Solstice, all!


Old Man Winter showed up with his entourage today.  He brought with him the rain, the snow, the sleet and lots of wind.  It was a welcome party like no other. It started this morning when the rain showed up to give the place a good cleaning before the party.  The party began this evening when the snow and sleet started to fall like confetti.  Soon the trees, grass and even shingles were dancing as the wind symphony played its winter arrival repertoire.   In fact, the party is still going strong.

I was given the VIP treatment this morning for the two day long party.  The rain was a gracious host.  He allowed me to go behind the scenes and see just what went into getting Southern Ohio ready for the big event.   The fields, streets, grass and trees were all washed clean and shined up like new.  He…

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