Finish the Friday Fun!

Spring is just around the corner, Wisdom Warriors!  Days will be getting longer, brown will turn to green, and fleece give way to cotton.  It’s the beginning of a new cycle!

For today’s Friday Fun, complete the sentence:  If I got a do-over in life, the first thing I’d do is _______________________________.

Happy Writing!

2 responses

  1. so…I’ve been thinking about this…and well…as many bad decisions, mistakes, mess-ups, etc. that I have made in my life, all of them have brought me where I am and have somewhat to do with who I am now (I have flaws, but overall, I like who I am)…and if I am going to hold onto the belief that we are all where we are supposed to be in the universe at any given time, then I really don’t want any do overs.

    On the other hand, you know those books you used to read as a child…where you get to pick different paths and see how it/the story all ends up…based on your decision??? I would like to see if things would have ended up differently if I made a different choice (not a do over…just insight as to how things would have been different…good or bad).

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