Approaching Fear

Someone once said, “Panic at the thought of doing a thing is a challenge to do it.”  I believe that fear, like any other emotion, is a messenger.  Our feelings and reactions are there to help us understand ourselves.

Now, I know that many people view their emotions as a guide:  I’m scared, so RUN!  My heart flutters, so he must be THE ONE!  But I’ve found that method often brings trouble.  Leaping before looking can lead to a concussion.  I’ve come to realize–for myself, anyway–that emotions are just messages from my unconscious.  These messages often need to be deciphered, but the task of unraveling the code brings the enlightenment.

Astrology can be helpful in putting together all the emotion puzzle pieces.  Fear and anger are two of the more challenging emotions to figure out, I think.  So we can look at Chiron and Mars in a natal chart to help us understand.

Astronomically speaking, Chiron is an asteroid, but it is officially designated as a planetoid.  It was discovered in 1977.  Astrologically speaking, Chiron is the “wounded healer” of the chart.  It tells where we have been wounded spiritually and where we feel “unhealable.”    By studying our own Chiron, we learn to work through our fears and our pain; in this way, we become spiritually transformed.

Mars, the Roman god of war, gives his name to the fiery red planet that symbolizes our aggression, our anger, and our will.  In karmic terms, Mars in a chart can symbolize where we’ve taken bold actions in past lives and thus hurt ourselves or others.  It can help us understand our fears and phobias in this way.  By working through these past conflicts, we can be free to let go of fears and anger in this life.

How do you deal with anger and fear?  What would happen if you stepped back from your feelings and viewed them as messengers, as puzzle pieces to a larger picture?  Could you interpret the symbols and move forward?



2 responses

  1. I’ve actually started to want to face my fears, and I think I attack them with my head held high. For example, I’m terribly afraid of heights. It used to be worse. However, I’ve found that I’m extremely awed by airplanes and have to sit next to the window to see the ground and get excited by how high I am. I recently went on a ferris wheel, when the last time I went I cried (I was really little, but it scarred me for life). I think, in my case at least, that I feel like I need to get rid of my fears – especially if they are of something that I need to face.

    • You go, girl! That’s very brave of you! If we took a past-life perspective, we might say that perhaps you had a very bad, possibly fatal, experience with heights in another life. By tackling your phobia one step at a time now, you are proving that you CAN be safe in high places in this life……

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