Utopian Friday Fun

Lately I’ve been daydreaming about running away from it all and finding a desert island somewhere with no cell phones, traffic, or deadlines.  Sigh. . . .

So, for today’s Friday Fun writing prompt, create your own Utopia.  Where would it be located?  Who would be allowed in?  What sort of government would you have?  Describe your perfect world in detail.  Just remember, be careful what you wish for!  😉


2 responses

  1. First of all, EVERYONE thinks about running away…every once in a while (to get away from “life”, people, problems, etc….at least, I think they do (I don’t know for sure…never really asked anyone, except my mom…who of course, reassured that I was “normal”…regardless, I just assumed that thought couldn’t be all that strange).

    I used to think I wanted to get away from everyone (and escape to solitude), but then realized I would likely go insane in a situation like that…and believe it or not, I am a pretty social individual…and well…I like people (for the most part). Then there is all the research about what happens to a human’s brain and their soul when put in solitary confinement (of course, they were mostly researching prisoners hanging out in concrete cells…maybe possibly different if they were hanging out in nature…or somewhere somewhat aesthetically pleasing). When it comes down to it, I do need people in my life…and a permanent separation would likely be a bad thing for me…

    I definitely could use an “escape” that I could retreat to anytime I needed to…just for a “break” from civilization and “my reality”. I wouldn’t mind a cabin in the woods (acres) on a river or a lake. It would preferably be in the middle of nowhere. I have to admit that I have spent way more than too much time on the internet looking for pieces of land in the poconos (or around that area) for sale (was kind of a hobby/past time). There is (well, used to be) a lot of undeveloped land that would be perfect. I used to think about how I would build a tiny little cabin…or even just using it as a place to hangout/camp whenever I wanted to. When I first started looking (years ago), the land was wicked cheap…it has gone up a little since then (but you can still find some good deals). I have shared this idea/hobby with one of my friends (who had gone kayaking up to the poconos with me at one point) and we came with the idea of getting a group of people together to go in on it and buy it together (and have a shared camp space). It obviously hasn’t happened, and I’m pretty sure its off her radar at this point (and until I saw your blog, it was off of mine). Maybe someday…

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