Symbolism of the Woodpecker

The other day, a very sharp and very loud DRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR interrupted my morning coffee.  (Say this out loud, rolling your R as if speaking Spanish, and you’ll get the idea of the sound. . . . kinda jackhammer-y.)

I looked out the window to see if a road crew had set up camp in our neighborhood.  And then it happened again. DRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!  And not a hardhat or jackhammer in sight.

But just then, a disgruntled and somewhat dazed looking woodpecker swooped down off the porch roof and lurched toward a much more accommodating maple in the backyard.

So of course I had to read up on Woodpecker symbolism.

In folk traditions, Woodpecker has been associated with weather changes, with fertility, with the heartbeat of the Earth herself.  In other words, it is connected to things that have rhythms because of the way its pecking sounds like drumbeats.

According to Ted Andrews in Animal-Speak, when a Woodpecker shows up in your life, it may reflect a need to drum some new changes and rhythms into your life.  The manner of flight of a Woodpecker is also important:  Woodpecker flies, then coasts down, flies, then coasts down.  This unique pattern means that it is important to follow one’s own unique pattern and rhythm.

Are you following your own rhythms?

Symbolism of Woodpecker

Red-Headed Woodpecker

2 responses

  1. Same thing happen to me today! I was at work and I heard the kinda jack hammer sound
    thinking it was a woodpecker. Looked outside to find him but to many trees. I often wonder how they are made to handle the rapid pecking Are they physically tired after a day of jack hammering their new home? I like the idea of following ones unique pattern and rhythm because woodpeckers are pretty cool!

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