Friday Fun for All

I recently finished a middle-grade fantasy novel that I am submitting to agents in hopes of being published someday soon.  In the meantime, I am starting some new writing projects.  One is the sequel to the aforementioned story.  But the other project is very different, and I would like your help on it.

I have an idea for a collection of mini-memoirs.  My plan is to gather short stories from a wide range of people from different backgrounds and differing viewpoints.  The common thread for all of these stories is “a defining moment, lasting memory, or profound lesson that shaped the person I have become.”

Feel free to share your story here.  Write about an ordinary moment, a blinding flash of inspiration, anything at all that had a great impact on you.  Or f you are so inclined, please share your story with me directly for use in a collection.  Email your story to me at aim4wisdom (at)

Thank you!


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