Alphabetic Friday Fun

I have never been much of a poet.  For whatever reason, I was never drawn to that form of writing.  Today’s creative writing prompt, though, is to write an ABC poem.  Known by various names, the ABC poem has five lines, and each line begins with a successive letter of the alphabet (starting with the letter A).  Here’s my attempt:

As raindrops begin to fall,

Beech trees shiver in the wind.

Clouds rumble and roil.

Darkening skies match her mood.

Ennui settles in for the night.

Happy writing!


2 responses

  1. I’m up for a challenge even if I don’t know what I’m doing…so here we go…

    Activity and employment drives the patterns of most my days
    Balance and meaning is what I seek and commonly causes my craze
    Continually I wonder what this life is all about
    Determined that in time I will be able to figure it out

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