The World’s Top 10 Most Amazing Bunk Beds

After several nights of terrible sleep, I can’t seem to get my brain to clunk into place enough to write my own post today. So I am very grateful to my fellow blogger at “The World’s Top 10 of Anything and Everything” for posting this fun article.

I am very much hoping that the images of comfy beds lure me into a good night’s sleep tonight. . . .

4 responses

  1. The house with the four beds in the wall is a sleeping haven. The orange couch looks nice to sit and sleep. My Dad would have liked the John Deere bed, but I have this thing for futons. My cat Peanut Butter is telling me to go to bed now….. Sleep well Aimee.

  2. Our bunk beds in the college dorms were not nearly as fun…… I always made sure I got the bottom bunk. Do you know what a bitch it is to climb to the top bunk when drunk? We had a huge bean bag on the floor to sleep in for such occasions 🙂

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