Yerba Mate

The health benefits of tea have been written about for centuries.  Most of us think of the black or green variety when we think of tea, but there’s a South American version that I particularly like: Yerba Mate.  Mate tea is made from the leaves of the rainforest holly tree, and it is celebrated as a health tonic there.  Mate tea contains a large amount of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.  With less tannins than black tea and not acid forming like coffee, mate could be a nice alternative for your morning beverage.  It does contain caffeine but its other compounds work together so that it does not seem to create that “buzz then crash” sensation.

Read here for some fun yerba mate legends:

With summertime approaching here, I tend to make a lot of smoothie drinks.  And if I can make it healthy, all the better.  My friends at Winsome Tea Company have a great recipe for a yummy Mate Latte.

Yerba Mate Frozen Latte


I’ve tried coconut milk with mate too, and it’s off-the-charts yummy.  Why not give this recipe a whirl (blender pun intended)?

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