How Do You Shop?

I learned about a new website today:  Shop Conscious.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the priorities people have when they shop for products.  I work at a health food store, and we carry mainly organic, biodynamic, local, and Fair Trade items.  One of my tasks recently has been to mark our gluten-free items.  This process requires me to read every box and bottle on the shelf to check for the “gluten free” label.  In doing so, I’ve come across all sorts of things on packages–No Animal Testing, No Parabens, No Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Sustainably Sourced, Wildcrafted, and on and on.

So, what priorities do you have when you shop?  Do you only buy organic?  Only local?  Would you choose conventionally-grown local over shipped-in organic?  What about Fair Trade?  Do you know what that is?  Do you care what that is?

The Shop Conscious website brings up even more points to ponder when purchasing.  Their video on the fish oil industry is disturbing if only half of it is true.

Your thoughts on what you buy?

4 responses

  1. Price usually dictates what I buy, but I do try and be conscious of what company I give that money to. I’m not an obsessive label reader, but I do notice more if sometime says cruelty free or if I isn’t animal tested. Sometimes the products that list what they are free of can be more costly, which is ridiculous.

    • You are right that those things do cost more, unfortunately! It’s difficult to find “perfect” products that meet everyone’s criteria, so all you can do is your best. Balance and moderation, right?

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