Re-thinking Friday Fun

It’s Mercury Retrograde time again, so that means another several weeks of  “review, reflect, re-think.”  Mercury is in Cancer, so that means it’s a great time to examine your emotions, your home, your feminine side.

For today’s creative writing prompt, think of an emotionally-charged scene from your past.  If you got a “do over,” how would you do it differently this time?  Write the old and the new scenario.

Happy Friday!

2 responses

  1. My birthday is coming up soon, so that makes me a cancer and now that explains a lot of things about me. This topic is a good one but difficult. All the “do overs” I could think for right now of are embarrassing, very sad or too personal to share. One thing I know from the experience, is you learn something I should not do again or diffidently a change happened within me, a lesson in life. So really you do not need to “do” the “do over”. The “do over” is done when we walk into the future and “do”. Then we all live happily ever after… happy we are pooing rainbows out of our butts. Ha Ha!

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