The Angelic Faeries

Tradition has it that there are many tribes of faeries, some mischievous and some benevolent.  One explanation for this is that faeries are fallen angels; some remained wicked while others kept their basic goodness.

Béfind is one of the benevolent faery in the Celtic tradition.  She is one of the three faeries who gives every newborn his destiny.  Expectant mothers would set up a table in the birthing room with cakes and gifts for the faeries who determine the child’s fate.

Other cultures had birth faeries as well.  In Serbia,  Oosood played the same role as Béfind.  Oosood is a Veela (the magically beautiful nymphs made famous in the Harry Potter stories) who visits a child on the seventh night after its birth and predicts its future.

An interesting motif in many of the birth faery legends is that only the mother and midwife could see them.


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  1. We had a cat dropped off in our parking lot overnight last week at work. We put her in the office and by the afternoon she preceded to give birth. By the time I left work she had four little kittens, all black and white. When we came back in the morning there was 6 babies and the last one that came out was gray and white. I think the mamma ran out of ink, so I call it toner. They are a hit! The legend is …..

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