Back to the Friday Fun!

On this date in 1984, car maker John DeLorean was cleared of drug charges.

Now, anyone who saw the movie Back to the Future knows that a DeLorean car is also a time travel machine.  So for today’s writing prompt, describe what time period you would visit and why if you had a DeLorean.

As for me, I’m off to Camelot. . . .   🙂

2 responses

  1. There are so many things I would love to go back to but right now for this writing, I choose to go back to the time of the native Indians of this area. See how the land was and what I could learn from them. Also I would like to go back in time to meet the original native cow/bovine that was roaming in North America. It is now extincted, but I saw the beast in the Museum of Natural Science a number of years ago. I think it is called a “Orock”or “Aerock” but I’m not sure of the spelling or the time period to go back to in the famous DeLorean.

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