Doomsday Friday Fun!

A void-of-course moon.  A Full Moon.  A lunar eclipse.  All tonight.  And if that weren’t enough, a Mercury Retrograde in 3 days….. sigh.  Hold onto your hats, y’all.

For today’s Friday Fun, use the following words to create the opening of your apocolyptic action movie:  sky, reflection, rock.

Set the stage!  Introduce a character!  Give us some exposition!

Happy Writing!

2 responses

  1. I should have known better than to trust the sunny sky. Never ever trust a big yellow ball to predict the day. I had left my boots by the door and the throbbing of my ankle reminded me to be more thorough in my checklist of things to pack. I would definitely be leaving behind the rock I had tripped over. Cursing the rock and my swollen ankle, I thought the cool stream water would be a welcome sight. After resting my foot in the water not nearly long enough, I bent over to wash my face. When I glanced down into the clear water, the reflection was not my own face. Never trust a sunny sky, I murmured.

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