Friday Fun. . . . and some astrology fun!

If you were to trace out the path that Venus makes in the sky, it would look like a five-pointed star.

Venus Star Pattern

Venus Star Pattern

Pretty nifty, I think.

Tomorrow, January 11th, Venus will touch on the star point in Capricorn.  Capricorn teaches us about structure and discipline and order.  It likes tradition and practicality.  It’s the father figure of the zodiac.

How can you use this astrological arrangement to help yourself?  Think about the obstacles and struggles you may have had over the past few years.  What hard-won lessons did you learn?  How have those things shaped you and forged the person you are now?

For today’s Friday Fun creative writing prompt,  write a letter to your future self.  Include a recap of some of the lessons you’ve learned over the past year or two (or ten).  Then summarize the main thing you’ve learned that you want to bring forward with you out of that learning period.

Happy writing, and happy learning!


2 responses

  1. Re-Boot…. I think that might be a good idea. I listened to someone speak shortly after the new year and he used this term in started the year. I have been sad this holiday season because of losses, I think it is normal. My parents both gone now and other losses, there was like I had a covering of sadness, but I did enjoy and celebrate the holidays. Re-Booting would be to unplug myself and know or understand what is needed to clear to move on in a healthy way. A work in progress. I also heard on the radio today, someone was going into a store that was new and had a sign on the front saying “Sorry about the mess but we are growing” That could be a T-shirt!

    • Well said, Susan! And I think you should make up and sell those T-shirts!! Viktor Frankl once said “When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” Words to live by, I think…..

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