Ode to the Bean

Dear Mother Nature,

Thank you for Coffee.  In your wisdom, you have created so many wondrous earthly treats:  pineapple, sunsets, Apolo Ohno, just to name a few.  But in Coffee, you have outdone yourself.  Warm, yummy, joyful.  Mmmmmm. . . .  And yes, even beneficial to our health. 

And you, Dear Mother Nature, were smart enough to give us many ways to enjoy the Bean.  We can savor a mug of hot coffee in the winter to warm us, a glass of iced coffee to cool us in summer.  And did you know that the folks at New Chapter figured out how to get the whole coffee fruit into a supplement?  That way, people who might not like to drink coffee can still get the extraordinary antioxidant benefits.  Go here to see for yourself:  http://www.newchapter.com/targeted-herbal-formulas/coffeeberry

Mother Nature, you rock.