Everybody Feng Shui Tonight

I feel stuck a lot.  Now, I don’t really think this is because I have worse problems than anyone else.  I am actually quite fortunate in many ways.  To be honest, my stuckness comes more from overthinking and from a masochistic reluctance to give up the pursuit of perfection.  I know that I get in my own way a lot–for instance, I will rewrite my own To Do lists if I feel like my handwriting was too sloppy.  Hence the stuckness.

The plus side of overthinking, though, is that I have a variety of philosophies to go to when I do feel stuck.  I like to flip through my mental Rolodex and find a paradigm to fit my problem.

For me, Feng Shui is a great option for many struggles.  It fits my personality, which likes action.  Moving furniture,  swapping out items, and even housecleaning all are right up my alley because I like the idea of getting out of my head and doing something physical.  Feng Shui encourages us to go with the flow literally, and in my Life Philosophy I feel it is our duty to be one with the Energy-Ch’i-Prana of the Universe.

Here are some examples of Feng Shui that help enhance the energy of your home:

  1. Rearrange the decor in a room to draw the eye in a clockwise direction.  Place something eye-catching in the left corner of the room to start the flow.  Keep the eye moving around the room, paying attention to the direction the accessories are facing.
  2. Remove from the bedroom anything that is work-related, high energy, or unfinished.  The bedroom should represent rest, relaxation, and relationships only.
  3. Get a plant.  The color green represents tranquility, and the living plant represents new growth.

Try moving something in your home tonight.  Open the windows and vacuum the rugs.  Swap the decor in your living room.  Make some physical changes in your space and see what other transformations follow!