Tradition or Change?

On this date in 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt signed a bill making the 4th Thursday of November the official date for Thanksgiving.

I read that history fact this morning, and it struck me that something we Americans embrace as “tradition” is actually a fairly new event.  As human beings, I think most of us are more comfortable with routine and habit.  In our minds, change is associated with discomfort and a scary unknown.  But what’s the saying?  “The only constant is change.”

If you accept that we are currently in the Age of Aquarius (there is debate among astrologers as to the exact start date), and if you accept that Aquarius represents a New Age, then apparently we Earthlings are in for some changes.  The ending of the Mayan Calendar on December 21st of this year also signals a transition; according to that theory, we are wrapping up one phase (of over 20,000 years) and beginning a new one.  With several symbolic indicators of “do over” in the air, I’m guessing that we’d all better buckle our seat belts and get ready for a bumpy ride.

How do we decide which habits to keep and which ones to ditch?  Which things are beneficial and which are no longer serving us?  Aquarius represents the individual within the group, so one of the things we will have to figure out is “where my freedoms end and where yours begin.”  It will be curious to see how we individually change and evolve, and how we integrate those shifts into the big picture of society.