It’s winter here in North America.  Today is an especially grey, chilly day.  A chance of snow according to my weather app.  Cold weather and limited daylight make for a sleepy, uninspired combination in my book.  It’s no wonder our animal friends invented hibernation for this time of year.  We humans seem to invent holidays and reasons to have parties to get us through the winter. 

Solitude and introspection are difficult, and I sometimes think we come up with ways to avoid it.  Sitting with our thoughts and feelings can be painful, humbling, and even depressing.  It’s much more fun to come up with St. Knut’s Day and National Cornchip Day and Superbowl parties to distract us.  We are a “seek pleasure, avoid pain” kind of people, aren’t we?

But what if we weathered the storm of our thoughts?  What if we allowed ourselves to experience the winter and the cycle of light and dark?  What could we learn if we bravely faced our internal January?

Remember, spring will come again. . . .