Symbolism of the Lily

After several days of relentless rain where I live, I opened the curtains this morning to find a riot of color.  The lilies, planted by the previous homeowner, peeked over the windowsill to give me an orange-white-and-green howdy-do.  Love it.

Here are some meanings of and legends about the lily:

  • According to Greek mythology, the lily grew from the breast milk of the goddess Hera.
  • The lily is also associated with the Archangel Gabriel and with St. Leonard.
  • Lilies come in nearly every color except blue.  Therefore, one with a Lily Totem should examine the significance of blue in his/her life.  Do you have too much or not enough blue energy in your life?
  • The lily was considered sacred by the Assyrians, and in China it was known as the Bringer of Sons.
  • The lily is a favorite of fairies and nature spirits.
  • The stalk of the lily symbolizes higher consciousness being awakened in the individual; the leaves represent humility.

Enjoy nature today!

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily