Full Moon Tonight!

Moon phases

In astrology, the Moon is considered so important that it is counted as a planet.  If the Sun is the archetypal masculine, or yang, energy, then the Moon is the feminine or yin.  It represents emotions, receptivity, water, women, motherhood, and memories.  From ancient times, the Moon has been associated with the Goddess in all her phases: the waxing Moon as Maiden, the full Moon as Mother, the waning Moon as Crone.

The Moon has an orbital cycle of just over 27 days.  In other words, it will pass through all twelve astrological signs in those 27ish days.  So, since the Moon represents our emotions, you can see why we human beings are sometimes temperamental.  Every two days, we experience the moon in a different way!  (If you are thinking  “the Moon can’t possibly influence me,” remember that the the Moon does indeed influence the ocean tides and that the human body is about 60% water.)

This afternoon’s Full Moon is in Taurus–coincidentally the arrangement I was born under.  Knowing the current Moon, as well as your own natal Moon, can give you insight into your inner emotional life.  Here is the symbolism for each Moon sign:

Moon in Aries:  Impulse control, overreacting, self-expression, taking action

Moon in Taurus:  Comfort and security, stability, sensuality

Moon in Gemini:  Restlessness, sociability, connections with others

Moon in Cancer:  Mothering, expressive, nurturing

Moon in Leo:  Confidence, playfulness, self-indulgence

Moon in Virgo:  Logic and precision, analysis of feeling, inhibition

Moon in Libra:  Diplomacy and balance, people pleasing

Moon in Scorpio:  Intensity, compulsion, jealousy

Moon in Sagittarius:  Independence, impulsiveness, outspokenness

Moon in Capricorn:  Emotional control, dependability, authority

Moon in Aquarius:  Unpredictability, independence, difficulty with intimacy

Moon in Pisces:  Sensitivity, compassion, escapism

The stormy weather here on the US East Coast will likely prevent us from seeing the Full Moon tonight, but maybe give her a nod as you curl up on the sofa under a warm blanket with a cup of hot apple cider and a good book.  I think Taurus would like that. . . .