Wanna Learn Some Stuff?

One of my resolutions for 2013 was to learn something new.  Well, as they say, be careful what you wish for.  This past year has been full of life lessons, mistakes, and do-overs.  I am grateful for all of the learning I’ve done this year, and grateful for the teachers.

I’d like to share two sites in case you’d like to learn some groovy stuff too.  The author is the same for both, and she is a wealth of information.  Stop by, learn, and enjoy!

Farm at Coventry

Homestead Herbalism


Symbolism of the Lily

After several days of relentless rain where I live, I opened the curtains this morning to find a riot of color.  The lilies, planted by the previous homeowner, peeked over the windowsill to give me an orange-white-and-green howdy-do.  Love it.

Here are some meanings of and legends about the lily:

  • According to Greek mythology, the lily grew from the breast milk of the goddess Hera.
  • The lily is also associated with the Archangel Gabriel and with St. Leonard.
  • Lilies come in nearly every color except blue.  Therefore, one with a Lily Totem should examine the significance of blue in his/her life.  Do you have too much or not enough blue energy in your life?
  • The lily was considered sacred by the Assyrians, and in China it was known as the Bringer of Sons.
  • The lily is a favorite of fairies and nature spirits.
  • The stalk of the lily symbolizes higher consciousness being awakened in the individual; the leaves represent humility.

Enjoy nature today!

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily

Gardening by the Moon

For centuries, we lived according to the seasons and the rhythms of nature.  We observed Mother Nature and established our patterns accordingly.  Along the way, we discovered that the Moon, ruler of water and fertility, had certain effects upon the fruits of the land.  And so Lunar Gardening became the way. 

Here are a few principles to follow if you want to plant according to the Moon:

  1. During the period from New Moon to Full Moon, plant annuals that produce above the ground.  During the period from Full Moon to New Moon, plant biennials, perennials, bulbs, and root plants.
  2. In general, planting when the Moon is in Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces (the water signs) is best. 
  3. For root crops, try planting when the moon is in one of the Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn).
  4. When the Moon is in Libra, plant flowers.
  5. Use the times when the Moon is in Gemini, Aquarius, or a Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) to do your weeding, plowing, or tilling.

Happy Planting!