Solar Eclipse in Taurus

Tomorrow brings a Solar Eclipse in Taurus (at 8:28 pm here on the US East Coast).  In astronomy terms, a solar eclipse marks the spot where a New Moon conjuncts (lines up exactly with) a node of the moon.  And nodes are spots on the moon’s ecliptic (the path it follows).  Currently, the South Node of the Moon is in Taurus, and the North Node of the Moon is in Scorpio; Thursday’s eclipse lines up with the South Node.

The South Node represents our old karmic stuff that we might still be working through.  And since a Solar Eclipse tends to highlight stuff we need to deal with anyway, this Thursday is a good chance to clean out our emotional closet.

To understand how the eclipse will affect YOU specifically, you would need to know where Taurus is in your own chart.  (It’s 20 degrees Taurus, in case you do.)  But even if you don’t know that, you can still look at Taurean things in general:   self-esteem, our need for stability and security, our finances, and our “stuff.”  If you’ve been feeling restless and uncomfortable lately, you can use the eclipse energy to delve deeper and ask yourself some tough questions.

Are you hanging onto “stuff,” either literal or figurative?  Are you valuing the right things (whatever that may be to you)?  Are you valuing yourself?

Happy “House” Cleaning!

New Moon

It’s a New Moon in Pisces today.  New Moons traditionally represent a new beginning or a fresh start.  During the two weeks of the New Moon phase, then, it’s a good time to start new projects and put things into play.

The Sabian Symbol for this particular New Moon is “A prophet bringing down the new law from the mountain.”  Pisces is very concerned with spirituality, and so if we take the two meanings together, this is a good time to look at our spiritual beliefs and articles of faith.  Are they serving us well?  Is it time for a new law?

The next two weeks are a good time to ponder your connection to the Universe and your true self.