2013 Resolutions

At the end of every year, I write New Year’s Resolutions based on my astrological chart.  I look at the 12 houses and come up with goals for each, according to the sign that is on the house.  Then, I take stock of the previous year’s resolutions.  I have them written down, and I carry them around with me in my wallet all year, to remind me of my stated goals.  Sometimes I’m really pleased with how well I did; other years I sigh and put my shoulder back to the wheel.  For 2012, looks like I’ll be doing the latter.  Of the 12 goals, I would say that I was successful with five of them, I began working toward six of them, and I had a change of plans with one and scrapped it altogether.  On to 2013. . . .

Here are this year’s resolutions:

  1. I tend to get mad too quickly, so I will focus on being more humble and gracious.
  2. I need to address my finances, so I will find a better balance between work and parenthood.
  3. I will learn one new skill this year.
  4. I will go on adventures with my child, and we will learn and explore together.
  5. I’ve been coaching a long time, and sometimes get frustrated, so I will focus on finding joy in leadership.
  6. I will complete at least one public service act this year.
  7. I will make one new friend.
  8. I’ve been putting my own fitness time to the wayside, so I will change my lifestyle to accommodate exercise again.
  9. I will take all the hard lessons I’ve learned the past year or two and make them a real, concrete part of my new life.
  10. I will find an agent and editor and get published.
  11. I will give back to and take care of my friends as they’ve taken care of me this past year.
  12. I’ve held on to some things that should stay in the past, so I will let go and focus on joy and wonder instead.

Whew. . . .  An ambitious list.  Good thing I’m pretty focused. . . .  🙂

Happy New Year!


New Year’s Resolutions

Calvin & Hobbes

It’s only December 10th, but already I’m thinking about New Year’s Resolutions.  For most of my adult life, I have written out my resolutions every year and then carried the list around with me in my handbag.  I take my resolutions seriously, and this year is no exception.  I think I have good company in saying that I am really ready to put 2012 in the rearview mirror.

Several years ago, I came up with an astrological way to write out my resolutions.  I write one resolution per zodiacal sign, so I end up with twelve goals for the year.  Each zodiacal sign has a general theme, and put together, they cover just about every area of life.  Here are the general symbolic meanings for each sign:

ARIES–assertiveness, identity, expressing the self

TAURUS–security, patience, material things

GEMINI–communication, versatility, adaptability

CANCER–emotions, motherhood, connection, the home

LEO–creativity, generosity, heart, playfulness

VIRGO–efficiency, organization, public service, humility

LIBRA–balance, harmony, diplomacy, relationships

SCORPIO–passion, transformation, power

SAGITTARIUS–higher learning, meaning of life, adventure, travel

CAPRICORN–authority, structure, discipline

AQUARIUS–groups, society, friends, reform

PISCES–forgiveness, spirituality, compassion, dreams

So, with this list in hand, I write one resolution or goal based on each theme.  For example, I might come up with a Cancer Resolution of “focusing on being a great mother and making a warm, happy home for my child.”  Or I could write a Virgo Resolution of “giving at least one day of volunteer service per month.”

Do you write resolutions?  If so, how do you choose them?