Writer’s Block and Mercury Retrograde

What do you do when you can’t think of anything to write?

More than likely, you’ve experienced writer’s block at least once in your life.  Perhaps you had a great idea but couldn’t think of how to start.  Perhaps you couldn’t even think of an idea, great or not.

Right now, we are in a Mercury Retrograde.  This astronomical event occurs when it appears to us, from our perspective here on Earth, that Mercury is going backwards in its orbit.

Mercury is the planet that rules communication, mental activity, and writing.  Symbolically, then, we interpret this retrograde phenomenon to mean a time for delays, interruptions, and reflection.

Perhaps, then, writer’s block isn’t all bad.  After all, isn’t reflection what writers do best?  Nothing wrong with some good old-fashioned deep thought.

Consider letting yourself relax into the retrograde for the next couple of weeks.  Go with the messed-up flow.  Chill out instead of freak out.  What’s the worst that could happen?  You might just find that you have a fresh perspective.

Astrological Symbol for Mercury


Mercury Retrograde

Mercury, Messenger of the Gods

Mercury, Messenger of the Gods


Mercury is retrograde this month from the 6th to the 26th.  Here are some quick facts about a Mercury Retrograde:

  • The planet Mercury is named after the mythical god Mercury.  He is usually depicted with a winged hat and shoes, symbolizing his status as messenger of the gods.  In astrology, then, Mercury in a natal chart indicates one’s communication style and perceptions of the world.
  • Mercury goes retrograde four times per year.  Retrograde motion appears backwards to us from our position on Earth.  A planet does not actually travel backwards in its orbit; it simply appears that way to us from our vantage point.  (Think of it this way–if you zoom past a slower car on the road, it can seem as if the slower car is going backwards in comparison to you.)
  • Retrograde Mercury symbolizes delayed or difficult communication, interrupted travel, and opportunities for reflection.
  • For people born during a Mercury Retrograde, astrologers offer several possible interpretations, including communication issues (such as stuttering or shyness).  On a spiritual level, though, a person born during a Mercury Retrograde is often said to be working through old karmic issues of other lifetimes.
  • In general, a Mercury Retrograde is a time for internal reflection and review.  Some astrologers would warn against signing contracts or making travel plans; in my opinion, however, it is simply a time to do our due diligence and make decisions thoughtfully, not hastily.


Mercury Retrograde