Lunar-y Friday Fun

Yesterday’s Full Moon in Scorpio was also a partial lunar eclipse.  If we add up all the symbolism related to that event (full moon, Scorpio, lunar eclipse), we get “transformation in relationships.”  We might be feeling wants or needs or lacks in some area in our lives.  With the Sun in Taurus (representing “my stuff”) and the Moon in Scorpio (representing “other people’s stuff”), we tend to compare and re-evaluate our lot in life.  Am I where I want to be?  Do I have a good balance of material stuff and spiritual stuff?  For a really good article on this particular eclipse and lunar stuff in general, go here:

Today’s writing prompt, then, will be a diary entry about any emotional stuff that’s been simmering inside lately and about how you will transform it.

Happy inner exploring!

Full Moon

Saturn on the Move

Poor Saturn.  He gets such a bad rap from some astrologers.  I can understand where this reputation comes from.  After all, some of the words associated with Saturn are “limiting” and “restrictive.”  No one likes a party pooper, right?

My astrology teacher had a much more balanced view of Saturn, though.  She imagined one’s spiritual path as a train route and called Saturn the karmic conductor.  Saturn keeps the train and us on track and helps us reach our destination.  (For more on this, read her book:  “Discovering your Soul Mission” by Linda Brady.)

Saturn has an orbital cycle of 29 1/2 years, and so, astrologically speaking, we do not even become adults until Saturn returns to the same sign of our natal chart (called a Saturn return).  In other words, Saturn spends 2ish years in each sign, and after we’ve experienced Saturn in all twelve signs, we should have reached some maturity.

On October 5th, Saturn will leave the sign of Libra and head into Scorpio.  Saturn in Libra asks us to take responsibility in relationships.  We need to understand our actions and their consequences in relationship.  However, it also reminds us to learn boundaries in relationships, i.e. this is where I end and you begin.

Reflect on your past couple of years.  Have the lessons of responsibility and boundaries come up in your relationships?  How have you responded?

When Saturn moves into Scorpio, then, we will be asked to turn anger into passion and chaos into intensity.  Scorpio is all about emotions and transformation.  All too often, we forget that emotions are meant to be messengers, and instead we BECOME our emotions.  But with the solid and concrete qualities of Saturn on our side, we can take those emotions and transform them into something useful.

Enjoy the ride!


Transformational Scorpio