Summer Solstice

The Sun enters the sign of Cancer on Friday the 21st at 1:04 am (Eastern Standard Time in the US), heralding a new summertime.  Lots of light and lots of sun are in store!

In astrological terms, Cancer represents our emotions, the mother, water, the home, and memory.  It likes a cozy home,  a family dinner, and caring for others.  As a Cardinal sign, it symbolizes new beginnings.

Mercury is also in Cancer right now, and Jupiter will join them toward the end of the month.  With all this watery, emotional energy about, what can you do to understand yourself a little better?  Can you find better ways to express your emotions or show someone that you care?  Jupiter can sometimes give us enough rope to hang ourselves with, and Mercury is known to be a bit of a chatterbox, so how will you wade through these charged waters?

For me, I like to remember that emotions are just messengers; we don’t have to BECOME them.  Just because I have an emotion, doesn’t mean I need to act on it or act it out.  I can just use it to understand myself better.

Happy Summer Solstice!