My dear blogger friend at peacelovegreatcountrymusic.com has tagged me in her post.  Tagging is a great way to learn about other blogs.  The idea is to say a little bit about yourself and then list some blogs that you read.  By sharing the love, you can introduce readers to new blogs that they might not otherwise find.  Following PLGCM’s lead, then, here are my five facts about what I like to do when I have “me time” and the five blogs I am tagging:

1.  WRITE.  Having recently finished writing The Travels of Pacha Riley:  Legend of the Inkas, I am now in the process of searching for an agent and trying to get published.  I’m also getting my thoughts together for the sequel to my story.  (If you’d like to read the story, I’d be super grateful if you wandered over to authonomy.com.  You can read my story here, and if you like it, you can add it to your Bookshelf, which increases my rating.  Thanks!)

2.  EXERCISE.  I’ve been involved in sports in one way or another since I was 12 years old.  I’ve competed, coached, written articles, been a personal trainer and aerobics instructor, and taught workshops.  I haven’t gotten to train or compete much personally in the past few years, but I live vicariously and am super proud of the athletes I coach, some of whom have made it onto national teams.

3.  STUDY GROOVY THINGS.  I love to read about all sorts of holistic, alternative, metaphysical, and otherwise spiritual things.  My bookshelf is filled with texts on Feng Shui, astrology, mythology, Druids, and herbalism.

4.  TRY NEW THINGS WITH MY LITTLE MAN.  Motherhood has been a wild ride, to say the least.  But one of the coolest parts has been thinking of new things we can learn about and do together.  We’ve started a garden, painted the bathroom, tried new recipes, and done countless arts-n-crafts.


And here are some blogs about writing that you might like to read (in no particular order):






Thanks again, PLGCM!  You rock!