SFLP: Part 3

In Part 2, we looked at the burden of guilt that many of us carry and that can unconsciously drive many of our actions.  Since writing down your thoughts on what you might want to transform in that area, how have you felt?  Have you thought about what it might feel like to be free to simply BE and not feel motivated by guilt?

Let’s continue letting those thoughts simmer while we move to another topic:  our physical self.

One definition of fitness is “quality of life.”  Another definition includes things like cardiovascular health, muscular strength and endurance, body composition, and flexibility.  Either way, a fit person should be able to move easily and complete daily tasks.

Now, even if you already exercise or compete in sports, you might not be so diligent about stretching.  I know plenty of competitive athletes who even seem to take pride in never stretching.  To be sure, there are probably just as many studies that say stretching is a good thing as there are studies which say it’s useless.  For me, though, I just can’t deny that it feels really good to stretch and be flexible.

For Part 3 of the SFLP, I give you a challenge:  Stretch for just five minutes a day for the next seven days.  Even those of us with the least amount of free time to devote to a workout program can surely find five minutes before bedtime to loosen up.

In case you can’t remember back as far as junior high gym class to come up with some stretches on your own, you might want to consider the Sun Salutation from yoga.  It is a very simple routine that only takes a minute or two.  You can do three sets of the Sun Salutation easily in five minutes.

Here are two good explanations (with pictures) of the Sun Salutation:



Take the stretching challenge, and prove to yourself that you can do it.  Five minutes a day for seven days is very doable, and you will start the ball rolling on a simply fitter lifestyle.

Good Morning! Good Evening!

Oh, Monday. . . .  Sometimes we’re just not ready for you.  Most times, actually, I’d guess.  If your Mondays–or any other day, for that matter–begin with bedhead, puffy eyes, and cranky mutterings, then this Sporty Stuff post is for you.

Yoga’s Sun Salutation is a multi-purpose wonder.  It is easy enough for most anyone to do, and it only takes a few minutes.  Try doing the whole sequence three times every morning.  At first, you might find yourself doing a few more of those cranky mutterings.  But honestly, this exercise takes such a short time to do, and you really do feel instant effects.

You don’t need to hold each pose for very long.  In fact, you can even vary your speed for different results.  I find that you can go through the poses quickly for an energizing wake-up in the morning, or you can do the routine more slowly and thoughtfully in the evening to help you relax and prepare for sleep.

Give it a try for a few days and post your thoughts here!  Click the link below for a PDF file of the whole routine.  Enjoy!

Sun Salutation