Fa-La-La Friday Fun!

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and thoughts are turning to peace on earth, goodwill toward all, and New Year’s Resolutions.  It’s the time to reflect on the past year and visualize how we can make our own corner of the world just a little bit better.

When I am coaching, I will often ask my athletes to think about just ONE thing they can fix right then and there.  I ask them to do just ONE thing better on the next piece.

For today’s creative writing prompt, think about the one thing you can do better right now.  What’s one thing that brings you more joy, that brightens someone’s day, that gets you closer to achieving your potential?

Set your resolution down here, and do just ONE thing better!

Phriday Philosophy

I’ve been thinking a lot about forgiveness lately.  Forgiveness of self and of others.  Maybe it’s my Scorpio or maybe it’s the Italian in me, but for some reason, I have often equated “forgiving” with “weak.”  In some ways, forgiving feels like quitting or giving up.  I realize it’s not my best quality.

Not forgiving self or others can really put a crimp in your ability to move forward, though.  So how to shift my perspective on forgiveness?

Now, I am not qualified in tarot cards (check out Through the Peacock’s Eyes for great insights on tarot).  But sometimes I do use mine to help me clear my head.  One of the Minor Arcana, The Five of Swords card, can be interpreted to mean “the current course of action is a fruitless fight, and it is wiser to admit defeat than to continue to punish yourself.”

Hmmm. . . .

So, for today’s Friday Fun creative writing prompt, think about forgiveness.  How do you forgive self?  Others?  Does forgiveness ever feel like defeat?  Write a letter of forgiveness to yourself or to another.

Happy Writing!