Escapist Friday Fun

I was making bunny-shaped macaroni and cheese for my kiddo when I noticed this guy on floor:

pasta bunny

Pasta Bunny

In honor of his successful escape, I offer you his photo as your creative writing prompt.  Why was he high-tailing it outta there?  Where’s he headed?

Write the opening paragraph of his bunny memoir.  With his two al dente feet, you won’t need much luck for this writing exercise.

6 responses

  1. I thought I would never, ever climb out of that pot. The water was about to bubble and a fried bunny was a bad thing. I was scared and sweating, but I guess sweating in a boiling pot was normal. I’ve seen things. Don’t ask. Anyway, that last step was a doozy, being that my legs are so short and all. Once I had my leg over the pot, I knew I had to hop my way to my freedom. Fast, but my people are good at that. Get your bunny on, I thought, it’s time.

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