You Payin’ Attention?

The header picture for this blog is a holly.  That holly is, in many ways, the reason for this blog.

One of the most important qualities for a Wisdom Warrior, I believe, is awareness.  As we each walk along our particular path in life, are we paying attention to the lessons and opportunities that come our way?  Whether you amble, sprint, or boogie down your life path, you can still notice the signposts that appear before you.

Of course, noticing is only part of the equation in “paying attention.”  After you notice, do you then ponder?  Do you take the time and effort to study your messages?  Do you research the signs and wonder how they apply to you?

Take my holly, for example.  This particular holly is on one of my favorite trails in Valley Forge Park.  Each time I walk or run past my holly, he catches my eye.  When I took this picture, it was early spring, so he stood out against the bare trees and brownness around him.

As a symbol, the holly signals that it is time to become the spiritual warrior, that it is time to be clear about our purposes.  Native Americans and Druids, among others, believed the holly to be a sacred gift.  While it’s actually a bush, the holly is considered to have all the spiritual power of a tree, and it was often used to make wands, staffs, and prayer sticks.

So when my holly “appeared” to me, I read up on his symbolism and knew it was time for me to be clear about my endeavors and my intentions.  While a challenging one for me, I accepted holly’s message and embarked on a new learning curve.

How about you?  Any signs come your way lately?  Are YOU paying attention?  Share here!

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  1. Whenever I hear a hawk cry overhead and see it flying above, I know one of my grandmothers is checking in on me! Always makes me a little teary.

  2. My signs are often not so obvious as a Holly, nor are they easy to explain how I know they are signs. For instance, in late January of 2009, while working as a landscaper (no work in Winter unless it snows), I decided to look up a University to which I had once applied and had been accepted, but couldn’t go because my car broke down (sign that it wasn’t time to go there yet). As I read their website, I noticed they had an online application. I filled it out, not expecting anything to come of it. Three weeks later I got an acceptance letter.
    During the eight months between then and when I left, my boss seemed to be losing interest in his landscaping business and putting more interest into side projects. Needless to say, the landscaping business suffered badly. When I left, I was happy to be going. I felt like I escaped a disaster.
    “Where is the sign?”, you may ask. Well, something made me think of New Mexico Tech after 15, or so, years of not thinking of it. My sign that night was a well timed thought.

  3. Hmmm, black bird with orange on wings attacked me while I was running and having angry thoughts – and there was that cute little snake I saw during our run yesterday!

    • The Red-Wing Blackbird is associated with primal feminine energies and the creative forces of Nature. Blackbird in general (which still applies to the red-wing variety) calls us to understand the energies of Mother Nature (and of ourselves as a mother). Its season of power is summer, so sometimes one needs to “return to the womb” in the wintertime to regroup and then bring for the the new energy the following summer.

      Snake represents initiation, rebirth, and wisdom. It can reflect that creative forces are awakening in your life.

      Hmmmm…… sounds like someone is heading for a wonderful transformation! 🙂

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